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  • Changelog

    August 29 (v6.7.1) Various bug fixes and minor improvements: Older Changlogs

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  • FastEngine: How to share the page that I’m currently viewing?

    FastEngine June Update (v6.7.o) It’s easy to sharing your search results or web pages that you are currently viewing. Tap 3 dots button which is located at bottom right of screen. Tap ‘Share’ and select an application that you want to share with.

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  • Complete a search keyword without typing

    FastEngine 2021 March Update (v6.6) Typing keyboard is onerous thing on mobile. FastEngine always aimed at less interactions between user and device to find what user want. Just tap arrow button from suggestions, It will make the keyword what you want. When you tap it, it autocompletes a keyword from suggestions and you can keep completing with simple touch.

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