June 2 (v6.7.0)

New Feature : This version supports sharing web page URL that you are currently viewing.
(Bottom additional menu -> Share)


April 10 (v6.6.3)

  • Fixed a bug that distorts webpage when you rotates a phone. 

March 2 (v6.6.2)

New Feature : Now you can complete search query via simple arrow click on suggestion list.


February 17 (v6.5.3)

  • Fixed search bar bug that could be disappeared sometimes.
  • Fixed app crash that occurs when user enter invalid characters on url inputs.

February 3 (v6.5.2)

Fixed app freezing bug that can be occurred in specific circumstances.

January 25 (v6.5.1)

– Fixed touch bug that moves tab automatically when user clicks web page.

– Fixed searching bug that user can not search with some special characters.

– Fixed app crash that occurs when user deletes a search provider that its tab had been selected.

– Fixed search provider that appears as edit even if it were creation mode.

January 9 (v6.5.0)

New Feature: Now you can open search keyboard with touching website tab again.

You don’t need to tab search bar to open keyboard anymore. Just touch bottom website again!


Moreover, this update contains bug fixes and stability improvements.

– Now website editor provides better user experience.

– Fixed website editor that hasn’t allowed to input special characters.

– Fixed the bug that crashes app sometimes.

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